Friday, May 29, 2009


All the news media are having a very busy time. The election for the next world leader, the credit crunch and  at a distance the climate crunch. There is so much happening and it is very unclear what the outcome will be.


This creates uncertainty with in companies, customers and the general public. Will I keep my job? What is happening to my savings? Will my bank survive?  For how long will this last? Is it wise to invest now?

Banks, which exist today, might be gone tomorrow or be tuned into ownership by the government.


It is impossible for leaders to have all the answers. It is the collective genius of all the employees, which need to be mobilized. This situation has threats, but also provides a lot of opportunities. If you use all the ‘eyes and ears’ of your employees you will clearly find a stimulating direction.


It is even more powerful to create a new movement from the bottom up. The Designers Accord, as mentioned in the recent FC article, is an excellent example for this. This makes the job of a leader easier as well. They just have to make sure that an open attitude towards collaboration within and outside of the organisation is stimulated.


What is needed is innovation, which has a pull from the people involved. This works much better than pushing it from the top.


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