Friday, May 29, 2009


In any service industry the product (i.e. the service) which gets delivered to the customer is the person who delivers the service. The quality of the service is perceived through the behaviour of the person who delivers. So, if you buy consulting services, the quality of the service is identical to the quality of the consultant. If you hire a project manager, it is the way in which he or she performs, which determines your perception of the service itself. The same is true for the maintenance engineer who comes and fixes the hardware problem in your pc or server.


This means that there is huge influence from the people who deliver services on the level of customer satisfaction. This means that it is crucial to make sure that your people are properly trained to perform the requested services, as well as that they are satisfied themselves. A satisfied employee will deliver much better services than an unsatisfied employee.


As a company you can put in a lot of money and effort in your marketing and branding, but it is even more important to make sure that your frontline is enthusiastic and motivated.


The way employees are treated and the example, which senior managers give, is a key indicator for the level of trust in any organization. If there is trust in the mission, vision, processes AND in the people, than your employees will act upon that trust. They will share that good energy with your customers.


So, have a look at the current state of the financial services industry. If the leaders are only involved in whether they can secure their own bonuses, how can you expect the individual bank employee to serve selflessly his or her customers? Trust will be earned by giving the good example.


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