Wednesday, August 12, 2009


It was Anthony Robbins who said that people would only change through pleasure or through pain. Pain is the strongest trigger of these two. This is the case at the personal as well as on the organizational level.
An organization is a collection of human beings who share a common purpose. An organization is nothing without its people. So, what triggers an organization to change is the same as what triggers you and me. The only thing, which causes real change in an organization, is the change of the people (leaders and employees).

Currently there is a lot of pain in organizations. This pain causes stress and stress is a signal that you have to change something in the way you are working/managing etcetera. You might be surprised that I think this is good, this is a moment that you should cherish as it helps you to use these obstacles to really grow you and your organization to the next level.

To get started it is very useful to describe the pain and your feelings associated with it. The description should cover both the pain that you experience as a person and the pain experienced at the organizational level.
Once that is clear you have to detach yourself from the situation and look at the (limiting) beliefs, which are behind those pains. What is really causing those pains?
To get the most out of this exercise it is key to be very open.
It is also extremely useful to write it down.

Once you have written about your pains and beliefs, both at the individual and at the organizational level, your playing field is very clear. You will immediately see which things you would like to change and ideas for innovation will pop up in your mind. Please bear in mind that innovation is not only about new products and services, but also about new processes, business models and management styles.

It is only when you are in the valley that you can see new mountain tops that you would like to conquer.
It is also very motivating for employees as you as a leader share your pains and challenges with them. A leader is a human being just like them. This vulnerability and humility will be the stepping stone for creating new, better, nicer results.

Are you willing to share your pain?


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