Thursday, November 12, 2009


Most organizations do have a fix set of partners. They cover many area’s:

-       Accountants
-       Consultants
-       Project managers
-       Security
-       Catering
-       IT
-       Telecoms
-       Recruiters
-       Coaches
-       Advertising
-       Etc

The challenge for new potential partners is to be put on the preferred supplier-list. In many cases is Purchasing the owner of the list.

This list tends to be rather static, i.e. it is hard to get on the list, but easy to stay on it. Given the urgent need for change and innovation, there is a problem with this practice. The longer these partners are on the list, the less they will have a fresh look. They become one with the existing culture and way of doing things. There is hardly any difference between the perspectives of partners and regular employees. Also these partners become less and less critical, as they are afraid to be excluded from the list.
These longstanding partners are not very supportive in your need for freshness and bold perspectives.

So, if you really want to change and innovate, than you must hire new partners and be open to ‘another way’ of doing things!

Are you willing to refresh your business partners?


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