Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Last week I did attend a Center for Service Leadership webinar  about Georgia’s roadmap to faster, friendlier and easier customer service.
It was very impressive to see the results of such a large project, which covers 130.000 employees. I know that it is a popular subject to complain about the government’s performance and customer service. But this is an example how you can significantly improve customer service without huge investments.

Their focus is on 4 area’s of service:
-       Faster, the main complaint from customers are the waiting lines
-       Friendlier, creating a customer focused and value based culture
-       Easier call handling and internet access
-       Improving employee satisfaction

This focus on customers as well as employees creates a win-win situation. Why is that the case? Well, if you have been waiting as a customer for a couple of hours than that impacts your mood. When you are finally being served the employee gets the hit, the complaints are shared. This is not nice for the employee as well. Constantly dealing with complaining customers is not very motivating.
So, if the process steps are shortened, this helps both the customer AND the employee. If you don’t have to deal with angry customers any more than that impacts your own satisfaction as well.
There is also a win-win situation because there were no budget cuts or headcount reductions. There were dramatic improvements with no additional funding. Employee-led teams developed all the efforts. This creates ownership and excitement.

What was crucial for the success of this program? “Having very strong, unwavering support from the Governor”.  “It all starts from the top”. It started with a bold vision: Georgia will have the best customer service of any state in the nation.

So, what is your vision for customer service?


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