Friday, February 19, 2010


In the week before Christmas I did send an inquiry to an organization. I had to send it to their info@ address as there was no other name mentioned on their website. This raises my first comment. Many people agree on the fact that what now counts in marketing is having conversations and building relationships.

So, how can I have a real conversation with Mr/Mrs Info?!
Anyway info@ reacted very quickly informing me that they will come back to me in January. Well, that is a long deadline for a relatively easy question.... these guys must be busy.
So, I waited and waited, but nothing happened in January, so I did send them a reminder in the beginning of February. They did not react at all until...... yesterday I got a call!  Yes, yes, she has been sick and busy and now she might be able to help me.
I responded that I had already escalated to their European office. They responded timely but the follow up... well is again a problem.

This simple interaction gives me a negative experience of this organization (and their brand). Apparently I am not important to them and I think that it is plainly unpolite and unprofessional to act in such away. Am I going to take a risk of doing business with them? Will they than behave differently? Or not?!
Also, we all know the impact of the first impression.

This all proves that your frontline, your customer service is crucial in establishing a relationship with prospects and customers. Your frontline is always providing my first experience of who you really are in an organization.
Wouldn’t it be wise then to implement standards, which put a high value on professional, polite and personal communications?


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