Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Last Sunday I had a stopover at the airport of Frankfurt, as I was flying from Ahmedabad in India to Amsterdam. I already had a boarding pass for my flight to Amsterdam and the gate was B7 at Frankfurt airport. We were early and our flight did not appear yet on the monitor, so I asked the customer service repr when my flight would be put on the screen. She said that her collegues would arrive in half an hour and then everyting should be okay.

However, no customer service reps showed up and my flight was not mentioned on the monitor of the gate. So, I checked the general monitors in the hall and there was no mention of my flight at all...  I went to another gate and asked them to help me. It appeared so that my flight was boarding from a completely different gate.  Fortunately we reached that gate in time.

From a customer service point of view, they should have informed us via the monitors on the ‘old’ gate and via the announcement system. This is failrly easy to implement and doesn’t need any additional manpower.

So, if you change anyting internally which impacts your customers, make sure that you inform your customers accordingly!


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