Tuesday, January 25, 2011


If I have a question for a company, I first Google it to check whether I can find the answer myself. When that doesn’t help, I want to contact the company directly.
So, first I check out their website. Most of them do not provide any telephone number. This means that I have to send an email to their info@....... address. And this is where everything stops. I would say that in 99% of the cases there is no response at all.

What does this imply?
Clearly that they are not open to their lifeline, which is to stay -ongoing- in direct contact with prospects and customers. Apparently they are so busy, internally that they have no time at all to talk with customers. This is what I notice a lot. Companies are so focused on their own operation that they forget who pay the bills.

This is an easy way to differentiate yourself: encourage employees to have contact with prospects and customers, by all means (phone, mail, chat). The only way to build relationships is to have conversations. Both employees and customers will appreciate it and learn at the same time.

Are you encouraging customer contacts?


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