Tuesday, November 1, 2011


In order to assess the viability and feasibility of a new idea, it is crucial to be a detached observer. What is a detached observer?

Let me start with what an attached observer is. That is a person who looks at new ideas, wearing the glasses of the past. He or she thinks that his/her ideas are always better and that their experience is more relevant. So, they have a prejudiced perspective. This baggage of the past prevents them to have an open-minded view. They also immediately can tell you why your idea won’t work. That is because they have had an experience in the past, which didn’t work out.
This is highly frustrating for the person with the new idea. They feel like they haven’t received a fair chance of pitching their idea. The ‘assessor’ also looses as he might wrongly criticise a perfect idea and this miss out on an opportunity.

A detached observer has an open-mind and looks ‘from a distance’ at the idea. This person is not influenced by the past and can easily see the opportunity in its wider perspective (from the past and into the future). This detached perspective is crucial, because the circumstances are changing so fast, it is simply impossible to judge the merits of an idea based upon solely the past. A detached observer is capable of silencing his inner critic and this have an impartial view.

So, which ‘glasses’ will you wear the next time you are asked to assess a new idea?


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