Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let 2012 be sparkling for you and others

Currently we are bombarded with messages, research and predictions that 2012 will be a tough year.
While that may be the case, there is always another side. Or like our most famous footballer Johan Cruijff says “Every disadvantage has and advantage in it”.

There is so much complaining going on about the level of service which companies and government provide. So, why don't you make sure that your organization provides excellent (and engaging) customer service, all the time? Customers are even willing to pay more for great service!

There is nothing which can beat helping others. These others can be your neighbors, your parents, your friends. If there are more burglaries in your street, then get to know who live on your street. So, then you know who doesn't belong there.
Recently I did help a blind person to cross the street. That was so gratifying to do... and easy.

There are more and more families who have so much debt that they have no money to buy food regularly. So, why don't you bring them a warm cup of soup.

There are so many young people unemployed, so why don't you help them by being a mentor. You can help them with all your life experiences. Even more important, just listen to them, open-minded.

If there is rubbish on the street, pick it up instead of complaining about the lack of public service.

Service always starts with yourself. If you have a serving attitude then others will easily follow your example.

What are you doing to shine in 2012?


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