Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Is marketing itself in need of some innovation?!

In this part of the world it is fall and winter is starting to show its appearance. So, now we are bombarded with marketing messages from car manufacturers.  Many brands are offering to do a winter check-up.  These check-ups are for free, but that is not the intent. They are sure that they will find quite a lot of work, which needs to be done and paid for.

They are all offering almost exactly the same, with exactly the same message. They are not even trying to be differentiating! This means that in one block of commercials, I am getting the same winter check message from three different manufacturers.
It looks to me that their marketing departments could use some innovation too!

This was even further emphasized by a huge advertisement on a billboard at one of the busiest crossroads in the country.  The message there is that by buying a new Mercedes truck, you can get 5% better performance in the hills.  This is beyond words, as everyone should (!) know that The Netherlands is as flat as a snooker table!

I would suggest that innovation is not applied only to define new products or services. All departments should be innovative, from finance to IT to marketing!

How innovative is your marketing?

Enthusiasm drives Excellence!

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