Friday, May 29, 2009


The financial crisis is taking all the headlines. Not only in the news, but also ‘the men in the street’ is talking about it. This is quite understandable; given the impact it has on every individual. Whether you lost your job, lost your money or are worried about the safety of your savings.


However, the more you talk about it, the more energy you attach to it. And things, which you give energy, will grow. This is one of the reasons why a recession will grow and continue.


Also the people are felling worried and uncertain. It is better to focus your energy on positive outcomes. That will make you feel fulfilled and enthusiastic. Instead of focussing on cost cutting or lay offs it is much better to focus on what you do want to achieve. What are goals, which get you, and your employees fired up?


As a leader you are not alone in this task. If you engage your employees you will surprised about their ideas and commitment. That starts by being open (and sometimes even being vulnerable) about the current challenges and asking them what their ideas and suggestions are to claim or regain your position in the market.


Once you have a process in place where you seriously listen to their input and take action on the most promising ones, the employees will be more than happy to support you. In fact, this is what they have been waiting for.


Globally, only 20 percent % of the employees feel that their strengths are in play every day.


This means that 80 % of the employees are not doing what they actually love to do. So, the costs are tremendous both for your organization and for the employees. Organizations pay 100 % in salaries, but they are not fully using the human potential. And the employees feel undervalued, stressed and neglected.


However, more than 90 % of the employees think it is important to be passionate about their work. And in today’s competitive environment your organization really needs a committed, enthusiastic and productive workforce.


This means that focussing on the engagement of your employees is by far the most profitable action you can take under these circumstances!



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