Friday, May 29, 2009



Recent research by Kelly Services in 33 countries indicates that 29 percent of the employees perceive their work as unhealthy. One in eight (13 percent) employees report being sick, while they actually are not. Employees report problems with sleeping and stress due to the lack of recognition at work.


This lack of recognition is actually  very important. It is key to give your employees the feeling that they are needed. And it is relatively easy to recognize people for what they did. It only costs a little bit of time from the manager.

The same applies to the manager himself. He or she really wants to be valued and appreciated as well. In a lot of organizations the attention goes to the leaders and to talent management. But where are the managers?? They are really the glue in any organization and most of the time they feel really being squeezed between the demands of the leadership team on one hand and the frontline on the other.


What can you do? Just ask people whether they need any help, or compliment them for a task well done, or …….. ask them what is going well. What makes them feel pride? The focus on positive aspects is really crucial, because that gives people positive energy.


If employees are feeling good about themselves and their team, they will also vibrate that energy to your partners and customers. And that increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.


72 percent of the employees think the employers should fix these health problems by supplying flexible working hours and sports facilities. While these aspects provide a possibility to better align your energy to your work, I do think it is not solving the cause of the problem.

People really need attention. This attention shows them that they are important and that their contribution is valued. At the same time it gives them the opportunity to learn and to grow.


The ability to learn is one of the key differentiators of your workforce. The faster they adapt to different circumstances, the better your ability to change and to stay ahead of the completion.




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