Tuesday, July 14, 2009

14 ways to employee engagement & involvement

There are numerous studies which have shown the positive impact on the results
of employee engagement & involvement.

But what is employee engagement?
It is the extent to which people identify with, enjoy, are enthusiastic about, and are
willing to spend extra effort for the work that they do.

There are some basic rules which leaders and managers have to follow to stimulate
employee engagement:

1. Be honest
2. Practice what you preach
3. Give confidence
4. Create a secure environment for open communication.
5. Listen open-minded
6. Show interest in the human perspective
7. Walk on the shop floor
8. See to it that everyone applies the core values
9. Make sure that everyone knows the mission and vision
10. Ask your clients what goes well and what can be improved
11. Have crossfunctional/crosshierarchical teams
12. Have the guts to say it when you don’t understand something
13. Regularly give compliments
14. Have a learning attitude towards failure

This is also true for involvement, which is the day to day commitment to have real two way traffic in communications.

What is needed to INVOLVE your people?

I = ignite employees’ spirit
N = nurture their ideas
V = value their input
O = open all lines of communication
L = level with employees, tell the truth always
V = validate and acknowledge their concerns
E = encourage risk taking

What are you doing to stimulate employee engagement & involvement?



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