Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Most recruiting companies list in their job requirements exactly what experience the candidate should bring. They prefer to hire someone who has done exactly the same job in another company, but in the same industry.
They think that they play it safe in this way. When there is a fit, they think that there is hardly any risk, as the person has done that particular job before.

However, this practice stimulates conformity and averageness. Once the new hire understands the way of working in his or her new company, they will quickly become complacent, risk avoiding and bored. There is no trigger to learn and develop new skills and knowledge. Also that person will not initiate complete new points of view.
So, there is no professional as well as personal growth, both for the individual and for the company.

This very competitive market requires another attitude. You need to differentiate your company to get and maintain customers. There is already too much averageness in the world, so you need to distinguish yourself! And what is the best and only way to do this? To have great people who awe your customers. These people have to grow continuously and like it as well.

This means that you have to hire people who have the skills, qualities and motivation to grow into the job. Preferably they should have a different background. It is more important that they are eager to learn, willing to take risks and are excited about the opportunity.

Growth has to be the essence of your company. Growing your people is the only way to do this. So, hire people who love to grow and learn. Go for awesomeness! 



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