Wednesday, November 18, 2009


 One of the main constraints that managers and executives face is time and related to that priority. The day-to-day business and its challenges, small fires and other problems are consuming all their energy and time. They are always so busy and their agenda’s are fully booked. There is hardly any time left to get lunch or even to go to the bathroom.

These time constraints prevent you also from having new ideas and new perspectives. They do not take time to detach, to reflect or to use others as sounding boards. Because of this behavior they are trapped in the trap of doing business in a way that it has been done for a long time.

But.. Today’s changing environment requires a different approach and different perspectives. Otherwise you will not be the frontrunner, not even the survivor in your business.

So, what is needed is to plan a fixed time of minimal one hour in your agenda, every week! This is your holy hour, this cannot be changed, not be touched. Please feel free to use this hour only for:

-       Getting inspired
-       Getting new ideas
-       Getting new perspectives
-       Meeting new people
-       Talking with customers and competitors
-       Brainstorming with frontline employees
-       Reading a book
-       Looking at inspirational video’s
-       Inviting an interesting speaker with a complete different background and experience
-       Connect with nature
-       Do some sports
-       Have a walk in the park or in the city

This holy hour will give you so much more energy and fresh perspectives that you will easily finish your other work in much less time that you would need usually. Your enthusiasm will also inspire others to do the same. And that will create a vibrant, creative community. And that is what is needed to be a winner in this game of business.


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