Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The iPhone is the most popular smartphone in many countries. One of the reasons for that success is the availability of many, many useful applications (apps) in the Apple store.

An app is software, which is to be used on your iPhone only, The crucial difference with any other software is the ease of use, the focused functionality and the price. Above all, the customer needs are truly at the center of every app.  Traditional software vendors should learn from the success of these apps. So many users buy now apps, who didn’t buy much software for their pc earlier.

A great example is the “Appie”.
 I know for the moment it is only available in The Netherlands, but I am sure that its success will drive international implementation. The Appie is an app from Albert Heijn, one of the largest supermarkets in the world.

Basically Appie helps me with my shopping, as I can see the special offers of the week, read product info and build my shopping list. One of the most useful features is the recipes (more than 8000) section. I can check out what I want to eat and than with one click I can add all the items to my shopping list. Now that is cool!

Especially with these holidays, I don’t like the work of finding a recipe first, Than I have to write all the items on a list and then I have to find stores who have these items on stock. This activity takes a lot of time and burdens me, as I mostly have to go to different stores to buy the right items. With the Appie this is no longer necessary, as it is all automated, even the shopping list is available on my iPhone and I can use it in the same way as a written shopping list. Only Appie is much faster and much easier to use.

Now this is good service for its customers. The app really gives me great service, as it makes my shopping experience much less stressful and it cost me much less time.

This only increases my appetite for apps, especially those who simplify or  relax my customer experience.


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