Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Recently I received a mailing from my optician offering me a free check up, as it has been over 2 years since I bought my pair of glasses.
This is a great example of looking at services from a lifecycle point of view. It is not only at the point of sale that I am their customer, but also really over the lifecycle of the actual usage of my glasses. In this way a retailer/optician is also a service provider.

There are many more service opportunities when you look at the lifecycle usage of products.
E.g. the dentist can send you a reminder for your semi-annual check up, the IT provider can ask you whether you maybe need some extra memory, the car dealer can ask if you need your car inspected for the holidays.

This is applicable in both the BtC and in the BtB market. The supplier of office equipment can check whether you need extra filing cabinets, the broadband provider can ask whether the speed is still sufficient, the caterer can check whether you are interested in more organic products.

It is a service in itself to ask your customer these questions and it will strengthen your relationship.
So, what opportunities do you see for your business?


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