Tuesday, August 31, 2010


More than 80% of our  (Western) economies is based upon services. However, most tools, processes, research and business models are still based upon products and manufacturing know-how.
This creates tension, especially on the work floor. In the case of services, the person who delivers the service is in essence the service. Indeed, a human being and not a machine or a part. Human beings can and would like to think for themselves, they would like to grow, have meaningful work and feel engaged.

Who are these frontline employees in service jobs?
They are food service workers, nurses’ aides, janitors, home healthcare workers, waiters, cashiers, receptionists, rental-car agents etc. 45% of all jobs are these routine service jobs.
We have to make these service jobs even more innovative, more productive, and higher paying. This is beneficial for them as well as for the business.

Employees who are enthusiastic, engaged, and fulfilled are also happy. This lowers the use of the healthcare system (physical and mental) and positively impacts the customer relationship.

It is easy to get started.
A suggestion: Ask every frontline employee ONE aspect of their work which can be improved and how. They will thankfully respond to you and even expect this to be an ongoing process. This is great, let them feel this ownership and have them ongoing engaged in this process of continuous improvement.

When will you start?


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