Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Here in The Netherlands, the football (soccer to some of you) competition is well under way. And of course some teams are performing better than expected and others perform worse than expected.
The first trainer has already been fired and more will soon follow. These trainers get the blame (from the owners and the spectators) for not winning their matches......... although they don’t play themselves.

In most businesses it is the other way around.  If the results are negative, then in most cases the employees are getting fired and the leaders remain in their position.

Both actions (firing respectively the trainer or the employees) bring rarely the required change. Most of the time the shock-effect is short lived and the downward trend continues. It only gives those in power the feeling that at least they have taken action. So, they cannot be blamed.

This blame-game creates a negative energy and it will increase fear. So, people and players are not encouraged to take risks, to be innovative or to be different. It creates a ‘gray’ culture, because everybody is afraid to be the exception.

All this communication is really in its essence top down communication and that never leads to people taking ownership or feeling engaged.

I would propose to have a real dialogue, with all the players involved. This means that owners, leaders, managers, employees/players and also the customers/spectators should be involved on an equal level.
And the main theme should be their strengths rather than the weaknesses. What can be done do increase these strengths? How can we become even better in those area’s?

This creates a constructive dialogue where everyone is encouraged to take ownership and to make sure that you grow, professionally as well as personally.

Are you feeling strong enough to be vulnerable as well?


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