Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The autumn has started and especially car dealers and tire providers are very active.

The car dealers are offering ‘free’ winter check-ups. You can come and they will check whether your car is winter-ready. And of course they hope to find something, which needs to be taken care of. Well, it could be beneficial for you, but mainly it is for them.
There are two ‘buts’:
  1. Most of the car dealers are offering the same type of winter check. So, customers perceive it as nothing special. This me-too strategy has as a consequence that customers just expect this service and don’t value it all.
  2. If I let my car have its regular, planned maintenance then why should I go to the garage an extra time? Did they miss something? Is there something, which they did not check there? This is confusing.

The tire providers are now offering to put some winter tires under your car. This means that you as a customer are supposed to have two sets of tires, one for the winter and one for the rest of the year.
There is also a ‘but’ here.
I have never heard tire manufacturers tell me that their regular set of tires is NOT suitable for driving in the winter. They always made me belief that these tires were a perfect choice for the entire year.
So, who is wrong? Are the winter tires not necessary or are the regular tires not suited for driving in the winter?
In any case they better give me the right information, because they just now confuse me. And this doesn’t increase my trust in their business practices.

So, before you start your marketing, consider whether you are addressing a real customer need. Also know that especially now honesty is still the best policy.


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