Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Ego prevents idea generation

Last week I did hear a couple of stories from frustrated employees. They were frustrated because their managers didn’t listen to their input. As a matter of fact they didn’t listen to the input from any of the employees.
Why? Because they have the habit of only listening to themselves, to their own ego. They are convinced that their own ideas are always better. In that case, the employees feel that there is no respect for them and they stop bringing up new ideas.
This is killing for both the individual and for the organizations. So, if you want more ideas and more innovation, start listening (with an open mind) to your people!

Control prohibits trust

Managers with big egos have the tendency to exert a lot of control. As they only trust themselves, they want to know about everything that their direct reports are doing. They want to monitor all their activities at close range.
The result is that the employees don’t feel trusted and that they will only come up with solutions, which they think that their boss likes. They will only do what is ‘politically correct’. This very tight level of control never leads to having any game-changing ideas or solutions.
And again, this is sad for both the individual as well as the organization.

Both cases urge managers to be more open to the ideas and suggestions from their people. And you, the boss, have to start first with showing that trust.
Trust me it will make your life much easier and much more fun. And your employees will love you for doing that.


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