Thursday, March 3, 2011


There is a lot being written about social media, either from a customer’s perspective or from a Corporation’s perspective. I would say that a ProPer (Professional as well as Personal) use of social media benefits both.

As a customer I had a negative experience of selling my shares, via the web as well as via a call line. It was nearly impossible to talk to a human being, as I reported in my last post.
I did mention this experience on my Twitter feed. What was great is that their Communications Manager responded quickly to that tweet and offered her help.

This is nice. All other support channels failed, so I was really happy that I got in touch with a person who was willing to help and who was in a position to follow up. So, this fantastic medium (in this case Twitter) enabled me to be in direct contact with an executive. Previously (when then was no social media) this would have been impossible.

I did explain my issue and mentioned my previous blogpost. She was very open and willing to listen. After a week she came back to me and informed me that they changed their call line. There is now an extra option added where you can get direct contact with a customer service representative.

This is really good! And in this case there are two winners, as both the customer and the Corporation benefit. The call line process is now more tuned to active customer needs.

Are you making ProPer use of social media?


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