Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Change needs a young mindset

The pace of change is very fast and everyone is talking about it. Talking about the need to adapt quickly to all the changes. On the other hand, most change efforts are not successful. The intended results are rarely achieved.

One of the reasons is the lack of a young mindset. What do I mean by that?

Most elderly people (baby boomers) have a lot of possessions (house, position, status, stuff) and commitments (partner, children, mortgage), which they are trying to keep. They put in a lot of effort to protect what they ‘have’. That also creates a fear of loosing it.

Most young people (Millenials) start with a blank slate or even with a debt (college fees). So, they are looking for ways to create and build up something. They are willing to take more risks, as they have nothing to loose. They have an enthusiasm for gaining and winning.

Real change requires this positive, risk-taking, and creative mindset. That is why you should have young people in your change team as well as ‘old’ people with a young mindset.

How does your change team look like?


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