Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Innovation demands faster adaptation (and change)

Yesterday I had a conversation with some ‘traditional’ business people. They see that there is a need for change and even for systemic change (like in the banking system). But,,,,,,,, yes, there was a but. They said that this kind of change requires a lot of time and can’t be done overnight.

That is of course the situation. However in most cases this prevents people from starting to work on this systemic change in the first place. There is only a lot of talk and not much doing.

They still look at this diffusion of innovation as a process, which will take (many) years.

The reality is that the speed of innovation is measured in months now, rather than in years.  This means that there is less time to adapt and to adopt. Your ability to respond quickly is crucial.

Do you have a special team which monitors the market and who is authorized to respond quickly?


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