Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Your story is your differentiator

It is very hard to distinguish your products and services, if you only focus on the features and/or the price. Even if you have a differentiator it will not last very long, as your competitors will catch up very soon.
One way to differentiate yourself in a sustainable way is to have a compelling story about your company, your self and your product/service. Here is an example from TOMS' Blake Mycoskie:

We make great shoes and give away a pair to a child in need for every pair we sell.”

Recently I also did hear the story from method by Adam Lowry. He mentioned that while cleaning his apartment he started reading the label of the cleaning product and did find out that many ingredients were toxic. Toxic for his own health as well as for the environment. So he started method: environmental friendly cleaning products.

Both stories give a personal touch and makes them easy to remember and to share with others.
The story has to be personal, either a personal experience (like with Blake who has met a charity which donated shoes) or a personal problem (like with Adam and cleaning his apartment).
In all my services I have coaching included. Ten years ago I did feel the powerful influence of coaching myself. I had missed this coaching, both personally (when I grew up) as well as professionally (in my career). So, now I want to offer it to everyone, as it is THE tool for personal growth - in a positive way.

So, what is your story?


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