Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Creativity needed to create start-ups.

From the quote below, it is very clear that we urgently much create new jobs.

Despite strenuous government efforts, the jobs crisis continues unabated, with one in three workers worldwide – or an estimated 1.1 billion people – either unemployed or living in poverty”, said ILO Director-General Juan Somavia. “What is needed is that job creation in the real economy must become our number one priority”.

And it is also highly unlikely that large companies will create these new jobs. Census Bureau data show that most of the net employment gains in the United States between 1980 and 2005 came from firms younger than five years old.

This means that the focus must be on creating start-ups, helping people to set up their own businesses. However, our upbringing and education are not geared towards this. We are taught to be obedient employees and not initiating entrepreneurs. So , there is quite some learning needed in this area.
It would also be good if many of these start-ups have a goal to improve the social good. Social innovation is still very much needed in large parts of the world. Many people lack energy, electricity, clean water, sanitation, and/or food.

I would like to call upon all entrepreneurs, government and education institutions to bundle the forces and to use their combined creativity to help these people to earn a decent living for themselves and their families.

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