Thursday, January 5, 2012

Job rotation for innovators

It is very attractive to let always the same people be involved on your innovation projects. These are the people who are experienced in the innovation tasks and you know what you get. This leads to two potential hick ups.

  1. The innovation people can become complacent themselves, as the innovation activities become routine itself. Continuously following the same steps and processes to do these projects might make you blind for newness itself.
  2. The people who are not involved in innovation are more and more settled into their comfort zone. This it becomes harder and harder to get them out of that zone. The longer you do something, the stronger the attachment!

As this situation continues (as in most companies) the gap between the innovators and the 'BAU-people (business as usual) becomes larger and larger. And the implementation of innovation becomes more difficult and consumes much more time.
Obviously this isn't what you want. You are looking for agility instead of rigidity. Therefor it is crucial to rotate people in the respective teams. In this way, the BAU-people become more innovative and the innovation people have a better understanding of the operational challenges.

How do you rotate with respect to innovation?


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