Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Managers have to change as well

It is nothing new that a lot is happening in the world and that changes are rapidly having an impact.

There are many publications about the need for employees to change. Also is a lot is being written about how organizations in itself should change their culture, structure and approach to technology.

Mostly managers are telling their employees that they have to change and do things differently. The common denominator is that managers expect employees to work harder and produce more. The favorite game of managers seems to be changing the organization chart. Of course there are also challenging tasks like cost cutting and laying off people.
Managers are not so good in looking at the mirror and checking how they can adopt (new practices) and adapt. Here are some examples:
  • managers are lagging behind in using social media
  • managers are still keeping certain information only for themselves
  • managers report (to their bosses) without consulting their people
  • managers rarely interact with customers
  • managers rarely socialize with frontline employees
  • managers focus on the short term only

The role of a manager is not easy and it is very challenging to keep 'all the plates spinning'. This is an argument to open up and show your vulnerability. It is a sign of strength to admit that you don't know certain things and that you have the courage to ask. It is also a sign of strength to be open and transparent, to share information with your team. It helps your employees to show them that you also have difficulties in keeping up to date. And that you are also struggling to have enough (quality) time for your friends and family.

The role of the manager should shift from 'command and control' to 'facilitating and energizing'.
Are you changing as well?


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