Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Newness keeps you up to date and marketable.

When many organizations have a job opening, they will look for someone who is preferably a clone of the person who is being replaced. The only exception is when you are laid off because there was a total misfit. So, they look for the same education, age, gender, and experience. They really want someone who did almost exactly the same job in a similar organization. Their thinking is that they will limit the risk of failure in this way.

This practice is completely outdated now. What you need as an organization is newness, someone who looks at the issues with a new and fresh perspective. Only then will you be able to grow and to outsmart the competition. It is like the saying about insanity: to do the same thing over and over again and to expect different results.

This is even more important for the individual employee, for the job-applicant. If you keep on doing the job in a similar way, for many years and only switch organizations, then you loose your edge, your sharpness and above all your motivation! And when they no longer need you, you will find yourself to be totally un-marketable. As you are stuck in your old routines, you have missed the changes in the market and you no longer fit in.

So, for both the organization as well as for the individual it is crucial to hire people with different backgrounds and experiences and who are very savvy about the market trends. Are you on top of what is happening now or are you still living in the past?


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