Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Room for service innovation

Last week I did fly back from India to Amsterdam. And I was surprised by the lack of leg-space. I am not very tall (compared to the youth – 1.88m) and still my knees were in back of the chair in front of me. Stretching my legs was impossible because there was a construction under the chairs preventing this. Sitting in this highly uncomfortable position for more than 8 hours is damaging for your body. That is why I have now severe back pains.

This was the case in the flight from Delta as well as the one from KLM. So, these western companies should know what the average length is of their customers. So, they are still putting their drive for profit ahead of customer delight. But they still don't understand that if I am unhappy with the service, I will not buy a flight with their airline the next time. On the short term they have made a profit, but on the long term they loose much more.
This is such a simple opportunity for service innovation, just give a few centimeters more leg-space.

Also the "hand-luggage" that people bring on board is incredible, both in size and in number. Everything is packed. When I mentioned this to a stewardess she confirmed this problem, but said that it was the responsibility of the ground-crew. This silo-approach kills business and customer delight. This tendency to bring too much luggage on board will stop if you stop people at the door and send them back.
It is the service which counts and not the department who is supposed to provide it!

There is so much opportunity for innovation if you put your customer at the heart of all your activities and experiences! In the long term you will earn more money with this approach.

Is the customer your starting point?


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