Thursday, June 7, 2012

Customer Service is business-philosophy, not (only) a department

There is in essence not much happening in the field of customer service. Okay, there are almost daily articles and researches published. The content is mostly the same, i.e. customers demand better service and are even willing to pay for that better service. Some companies provide sites and/or apps to facilitate the complaining process and to give more voice to the individual.
There are still only a few companies who have made awesome customer service their basic business-philosophy, like Zappos ( do you know any new examples??).

I think the main reason is that companies see customer service still as only a department, a department that does not generate revenue and only costs money. That is still the prevailing, limited view. If that view remains then the focus on cost-saving will not disappear. And the quality of the provided service will diminish even further.

The only way to – structurally- improve the customer service experience is to make it a part of your culture, your business-philosophy. Then customer service becomes a way of being and doing throughout the entire organization. Customer service then becomes the only sustainable way to really differentiate yourself.

What is your view on customer service?

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