Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Personal qualities are key for innovation

Almost all emphasize is placed on which business and professional skills are needed to successfully innovate. Examples are: communication, teamwork, idea generation, project management etc.
These skills are obviously needed, but if ONLY they are there, the impact of the innovation will be very low. Why? Because the real success is dependent on the way people – your bosses/customers/partners/prospects – perceive and experience the innovation. And of course branding can also do a lot, but still the result is to a very large degree determined by your personal qualities. Which energy are you and your employees putting out there in the world. What are the vibrations which you will send out?

Those energies and vibrations reflect who you really ARE and what you really MEAN. Do you really believe in the benefits of using your products and or services? Have you experienced your own offerings?
This means that it is critical to pay attention to these personal qualities as well.
Here are some examples:
  •        Enthusiasm
  •         Openness
  •         Honest
  •         Humble
  •         Collaborative
  •         Congruent
  •         Experienced
  •         Sharing
  •         Practice what you preach

Which persona qualities do you FEEL are critical for innovation?

Enthusiasm drives Excellence!

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