Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Actively look for inspiration

It is easy to pick up the negativity, which all the current challenges (financial, jobs, weather, ethics, crime etc.) are spreading. If you read the newspapers and watch the news, it is hard not to be influenced.
Of course the level of dissatisfaction with the current situation is a great source for innovation. But innovation will only be successful if you have a positive, creative and constructive mindset.
That mindset needs to be fed with regular inspiration. Therefor you need to make sure that you receive your daily doses of inspiration. You can set up a system to assure that you will be receiving that positive, inspiring news regularly.

Here are some suggestions:

  •        Books (use Amazon Wishlist to keep track)
  •        Podcasts (subscribe via iTunes)
  •        Google alerts (email when your interests are mentioned)
  •        Blogs (use Google Reader)
  •        Twitter (set up groups of interesting people; follow # of your choice)
  •        Connect with new people (on and off-line; use LinkedIn or FB groups)
  •        Newsletters (subscribe to daily good; YES! Magazine etc.)

What do you do to remain inspired?

Enthusiasm drives Excellence!

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