Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Command & Control is so 20th century

“Most American children are still socialized to obey authority. As a teacher, parent, executive, or ranking officer in the military, you are assumed to be “in charge” and to have all answers. Your job is to “command” the people under you to do what you think best, and their job is to listen and obey. Your authority comes with your position or title or rank and is generally not questioned – at least not to your face. The smooth functioning of society depends on some compliance to authority.
The problem is that the highly disruptive nature of innovation creates new challenges to traditional authority, and successful leadership of an innovative enterprise requires a different kind of authority.” Tony Wagner – Creating Innovators

It is so clear that the 21st century demands and challenges require a new approach to leading, innovation as well as personal development. A top-down management style prohibits that the employees come up with new ideas. They feel that they are not listened to anyway, so they keep their mouth shut. This makes them feel powerless and limits the full usage of their potential. This has of course negative consequence for bot the employee and the organization.

It is therefor crucial that organizations adopt a more coaching style of leadership at all levels. There should also be given a huge priority to bottom-up involvement of all employees (and partners, suppliers and customers).
Innovation should not be a one-off activity, but is should be the standard part of the culture.
It is also a must to fully use the strengths and talents of the individuals in your organization. Everybody would like to be seen and especially to be heard. Your physical and emotional health depends on it.

It will not be easy to make this transition, on all levels. Commitment, determination and courage are absolutely needed. But there is just no alternative anymore. If you want to survive, you have to make this switch! And there are plenty of good people who want to help you with this journey.

Are you making steps to get rid of command & control?

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