Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The market will surprise you!

In the past days I had talks with different, very seasoned business executives. As I am currently following several (high quality) online courses from Udacity, Coursera and Stanford, I did share my enthusiasm.
What did surprise me is that nobody had even heard about this trend in learning and education. This is not an exception; there are many more trends (and facts) where they have no clue about (e.g. social media, sustainability, youth unemployment etc).

Now you can say that they are just to busy with their daily operations. But this is not a valid excuse. You might very likely miss new developments in the market, which can have a huge (negative) effect on your business.
There are many examples: the music industry which missed out on digital downloads, producers of watches for children missed out on mobiles, newspapers missed out on the web and so on.

So, it really is not a task of only marketing anymore to scan the market,. Every serious businessperson needs to dedicate daily time in his/her schedule to scan the market, for opportunities and threats.

Are you scanning the market, constantly?

Enthusiasm drives Excellence!

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