Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Are you helping your customers to save money or to add value?

Yesterday I did have am meeting with a large IT company. We did discuss the possibility to create an integrated solution for great customer service.

It is clear from many sources that great customer service is one of the few real and sustainable differentiators for your business.
However, one of the participants was only interested in finding ways to help his customer to save costs. This is both limiting and not innovative.

If you position your self as a provider to help your customers to save money, then you can be assured that that is the way you will be treated as well. If your customer can find another provider who is just slightly cheaper then they will choose that other provider.

If you position your self as a real partner who thinks about new ways in which your customer can add value to his customers, then you will get a total different treatment! Then you will also be highly valued, both in the relationship and in finances.

This requires a new innovative way of thinking and deep knowledge of your customer, its market and the needs of its customers. Also you need to keep up to date on the latest developments in other markets.

So, are you a cost saver or a value-adding partner?

Enthusiasm drives Excellence!

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