Friday, October 5, 2012

How to address both unemployment and the need for social innovation?

Below you can see two (shocking) statistics about (un)employment, as well as youth.
The world needs to create more than 500 million new jobs by 2020 to provide career opportunities for the currently unemployed; as well as young people who will be joining the workforce. Source ILO 2012

Young and jobless in numbers:
75 millionor 12.6%
of young people are
unemployed worldwide
Three times
more likely to be jobless
7.5 million
are not in education or training

Youth unemployment is highest in
North Africa - 27.9%
and lowest in
East Asia - 9%
Source: ILO 2011

This means that a lot of action and commitment is needed to address this ticking time bomb.
At the same time, there are many social issues that need to be tackled and where social innovation is a must.
Social Innovation areas:
-       - Poverty
-       - Food
-       - Water
-       - Sanitation
-       - Climate change
-       - Energy
-       - Healthcare
-       - Education
-       - Transport
-       - Cities

So, on one side there are young people looking for work and on the other side there are many issues, which need a lot of work.
Therefor, I do have this ‘simple’ idea: To enable young people to work on these social innovation areas!
What is needed is that big companies as well as governments support this activity by means of investments, knowledge transfer, collaboration and mentoring.

What do you think that is needed to get this initiative of the ground?

Enthusiasm drives Excellence!

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