Tuesday, October 30, 2012

User experience should be at the core of your shop

Last week there was an assignment for the Crash Course in Creativity (Stanford) to generally observe six stores (before entering, environment, personnel, products, customers, other).
This was fun to do, but also very useful. I was quite shocked by the findings. Here you can see my full report - http://www.slideshare.net/beekes/assignment-2-observation-lab

The conclusion is that it can be extremely helpful to be a detached observer and to check out your stores, your operations, your customer service, your garage, your gallery etc. In this way you can see and feel and thus experience what your customer is experiencing.

Clearly there are (user-experience) opportunities in these three areas:

  •        Signs (they should be at eyes-height, readable, providing useful info, and less is best)
  •         Displays (they should be easy to see and reach the products, show the products from a distance)
  •        Employees (they should also be available on the shop floor and assist customers)
  •         Check-outs and counters should be designed facing the customer

How did you design your store, with the user at the heart of your facility?

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