Friday, November 16, 2012

There are always opportunities for innovation

These days, if you follow the news, it is a lot of doom and gloom. Hurricane Sandy, earthquakes, Syrian war, rising numbers of unemployment etc. It is easy to be influenced by this kind of news. Therefor I do recommend spending a minimal amount of time following this negative news. And then you can use the ‘extra’ time to discover inspiring news. There are many blogs, videos, and podcasts, articles that emphasize positive and innovative news.

These circumstances provide a good breeding ground for new innovations. Please bear in mind that most innovations start at the edge and not at the center of most activities. It is hard to be innovative if you follow the pack. For example, I just listened to an interview with someone from Aurora pens and he said that the focus on standardization (in his case pc’s tablets, phones) gives him the opportunity to specialize in a niche area (nice writing instruments). He even mentioned a research that some schools in Italy are having their kids use fountain pens, as this improves their learning capability!

It is an interesting approach to do the opposite of what is at the center, e.g.

Center                                                           Edge
- standardization                                           - tailoring
- fashion colors are mild                                - colors are extreme
- eat as much as you can                               - eat as healthy as you can
- attain more goods                                       - have great experiences
- use plastics                                                 - use natural materials

You can go on and on with this approach. And it works, there are always customers who want to feel special and who have special needs. It is also easier to be successful at the edge than trying to innovate from the core.

What inspires you, today?

Enthusiasm drives Excellence!

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