Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Learning is your lifeline

Many people are hoping (and expecting) that ‘things’ will return back to normal. This means to them that the economic crisis will end and that we will grow again, that there will be new jobs and that the stock price will increase. This also means that they just have to wait and be patient. This perspective allows then not to change their own behaviors.

This sounds like the definition of insanity: “doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results”.
So, let me awaken you (if needed). Things will not return back to normal. There is a huge transformation under way, which impact will be felt even more in the coming year. Education, government, healthcare are among the areas, which will be impacted, and urgently need innovation.

The only way to cope with these changes is to continuously learn, adapt and act in a new, more sustainable way. However, if you still think of old institutions (schools, training-organizations, universities) that should take care of your learning, then you are missing the point. Most of these institutions are still grounded in the industrial age of thinking themselves. So, that won’t benefit you.

The good news is that new ways of learning are becoming available very rapidly. You can follow courses from (ex) university professors on e.g. Udacity, Coursera or Stanford. There are also a lot of courses from experts available on sites like Udemy.

It is not an option not to learn, if you want to be part of society 3.0. To stay relevant, you have to keep yourself in shape, just like sportsmen do.

Which courses do you plan to attend?

Enthusiasm drives Excellence!

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