Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Create space with time and place

 All the digital tools are really becoming an addiction. They look like a digital extension of our bodies. Everywhere, people are constantly glued to their screens, whether it is on the bike, during meetings and presentations, in coffee shops or while watching TV.

In combination with the frantic pace of our society, that looks like a normal thing to do. At the same time it is also crucial to disconnect regularly to give our minds and intellects the time:
-  To digest
-  To understand
-  To connect
-  To reflect
-  To give it a place
-  To get ideas

The way to do this is to create space with time and/or place. You can fix daily intervals where you will switch off the digital devices. You can also decide to not use your digital ‘friends’ in certain spaces, e.g. the kitchen, sleeping room, the garden.
Yesterday I did watch a documentary about Ricardo Semler, one of the most interesting iconoclasts of our time. He sits daily on his terrace, with no digital devices and uses this carefully nurtured time to think about the most pressing problems of our time and how to solve them.

Also place is very important, I do get my best ideas while running, or in the car, or under the shower. These are all different places from working at my desk. And also places where I am not directly connected to any device.

This triggered me to plan for myself a daily ‘thinking thirty’, 30 minutes just to think and reflect.
How about you?

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