Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It is no luxury to have a complaints department

Recently I did have some problems with the provider of glass fiber services (phone, TV, Internet). They had sent an offer to check out HBO for free for 2 months. In that same mail, it was mentioned that if I cancelled before February 6th, there would be no charges. So, I did cancel by the end of January.
However, I was unpleasantly surprised, when I saw my invoice. HBO was completely charged for the next months. Then I did check my services online and it appeared that the HBO cancellation was not processed at all, although I did have a confirmation. So, I did call them and the finance department told me that there was one-month termination notice, so everything was administered correctly. He was not open to my arguments. He suggested contacting the complaints department, if I still disagreed.

Then I did write to the complaints department. And I did receive a confirmation from “mr/mrs complaints”, that I would receive an answer within 10 working days.
Finally they answered, saying that my claim was correct and that they will reimburse the money.
The result is fine, but the process has much opportunity for improvement.
-       The mails from the complaints department should be from a person, and not from an anonymous department
-       They did not mention that they would inform their finance department that they should respond differently. No learning there.
-       They did not mention anything about my time and effort to correct this.

As lots of research indicates, a well-handled complaint will make your customers more loyal and they will inform their network about their (positive) experience.

Do you have a complaints department? And is it seen as an opportunity to improve the customer experience and loyalty?

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