Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Please humanize your service

It is really incredible that organizations (large and small) still use their customer service department as some kind of anonymous entity. They treat it as an abstract phenomenon with no name, face and voice.

Their email is custerv@hotline@.com
. And even though some of them did sign the mail with an individual’s name, you can’t directly reply to them. If you call them, it is the general customer service number, with the (long) menu of choices, but there is no opportunity to choose to speak to Roberta, the person who had signed that mail.

Whereas on the other hand, most of us know that the best service is personal!  As a customer, I would like to mail directly with Roberta, talk directly with Roberta and even see her on the video while we speak, so I can see whether she understands my inquiry and whether she is likely to follow up.

I am pretty sure that the costs of this service will be much lower than the anonymous approach, which has a lot of bureaucracy and built-in inefficiencies. And the customers are much happier.

When will you give customer service a face?

Enthusiasm drives Excellence!

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