Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Building a relationship with your customer

Even on a global scale, shops do look similar, the products are similar, prices are similar.
So it becomes harder and harder to differentiate yourself, especially in the area of consumer goods.

The only differentiator becomes then your customer service. How does your personnel treat your customers?

  •         Are they willing to help or are they avoiding customers?
  •        Are they establishing eye contact and smiling or are they only looking at their phones?
  •          Are they interested in getting to know you and your needs or are they seeing you as a nuisance?
  •         Do they want to know your name and build a relationship or are they seeing you as just a number?
  •         Do they recognize their customers the next time they visit or do they don’t see you at all?

It is quite easy to establish these practices. And they don’t demand high investments.
What they do require is treating your employees as humans as well; otherwise they will not treat your customers as humans either.
Your example as a leader or manager is crucial.

Are you treating your employees and hence your customers as humans, as valuable relationships?

Enthusiasm drives Excellence!

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