Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The right mindset to be a service provider

Especially in the Hospitality industry it is crucial that you love to help and serve other people. Of course you can learn how to do this. But if you really want to be good at ‘being of service’, then it needs to be a mindset, an attitude. The enthusiasm should be derived from your heart and not only from your head.
That is the difference between cognitive enthusiasm and emotional enthusiasm!
With emotional enthusiasm you ARE the message. With cognitive enthusiasm you (just) have a message.

Let me share an example. At the golf club I do have my bag in a locker room. On Saturday’s I do play at 8.00 AM and then they should have unlocked that room. Last Saturday it was still locked, so I could not play. The man in the reception had no key and also the lady at the restaurant had no key. I had to wait for more than half an hour to get the locker room unlocked.
This was not the first time this problem occurred. But making mistakes is human.

Later I did see the manager and I did mention this situation. After a while he did apologize and said that the keys were now being rearranged at different locations so that more people can open it.
That is not the so relevant, but nobody did offer us a cup of coffee or so for the inconvenience.  If service is something, which is internally driven, then you will automatically make sure that your customers are fine and will take care of them, while they are waiting for the key.
That is a natural mindset and it is hard to train/teach.

Is service really embedded in the DNA of your organization?

Enthusiasm drives Excellence!

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