Thursday, December 4, 2014

Who knows all about your customers?

The other day I was wandering about the high-tech content of ecommerce. Every day there are new online stores being opened, where you can buy anything from tennis rackets, to books, to diapers.
Placing the order on the website and planning the delivery is most of the high tech activity.

Then a large part of the ecommerce business is done offline, i.e. the physical delivery of the goods to your doorstep by couriers. This is actually the high-touch component of ecommerce.

Every day there are a number of delivery vans (from TNT, PostNL, UPS etc) cruising through my neighborhood. And these couriers know everything about what the people buy in that neighborhood.  We always have the same man, he is very nice and polite and knows the names of the people in my street, where they live (the number), what they buy, how much and when. He knows my buying behavior across different ecommerce platforms. He knows that about ma and about any person in the neighborhood.

It looks to me that not many organizations are aware of this walking source of business intelligence! – and are using him appropriately.

Do you have any ideas how to use this knowledge?

Enthusiasm drives Excellence!

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