Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The numbers or the needs?

Well, this looks like the chicken or the egg problem. Isn’t it? Many supermarkets are checking the numbers, whether they should keep a product in their assortment.  If a product doesn’t meet a certain threshold (minimum numbers sold), then they will remove it from their assortment.
This means, that as a customer, you can no longer buy the product. This product might even be your favorite. So, what do you do as a customer? Will you buy a replacement, will you skip the product or…. will you go to another supermarket, which does have your product on sale?

If the customer leaves, then you have done a bad deal as a supermarket. You have lost all of the revenue from this customer, who will likely not return to your supermarket in the foreseeable future. What can you do as a supermarket? You can ask your customers and tell them that you intent to cancel a certain product and get their reactions. Or you can offer a replacement.

In any case, you have to communicate with your customers; otherwise your numbers will decline a lot more than expected.

How do you interact with your customers regarding your assortment?

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